Goddess Nikki Christfuck is a Satanic Witch who spreads the Gospel of Satan through videoclips that She sells at clips4sale(http://clips4sale.com/studio/49267 many also available across the internet, gratis.). I am literally under Her spell, She is in possession of my soul. She has claimed my soul. She is the Goddess of Blasphemy, and the most powerful Satanist on earth. Acknowledge Her as your Lord and join me in this miserable Hell that gives life its meaning. There are many reviews of Her clips in the archives, many tributes, poems, reflections. Share your stories of your obsession with the Goddess here. Stand strong, be proud, give Glory to your Lord, Sister Mary Christfuck. Let those with courage and devotion speak, profess their loyalty, and be damned! Did you hear me? I said speak! Be proud of your submission!

Hail Satan! Hail Christfuck! Abandon all hope of escaping Her! Join me!


7 responses to “About

    • What interest does She, the Daughter of Satan, have in your plan? You have a plan, but you need me to help you contact Her?! What have you done for the Cult? Lay out your plan here, and expose it to the Cult’s critique and judgement. Are you a true believer or someone who would DARE and try to exploit The Prophetess of Satan? Its almost laughable that you would ask me to divulge Her personal contact, without having established the slightest relationship. For this impudence, you shall surely burn. That said, show humility and contrition, and there may yet be a place for you within the Cult.


  1. Why good morning Sister,
    I happened upon one of your performances while doing a Google search “satanic porn.”
    I am not ignorant of the occult and dare say (Baal-ze-bul as witness ; that IS his true title you know, which by interpretation means “Lord of the High Places” , or, as the Apostle Paul referred to him in the book of Ephesians “the Prince of the Power of the Air.”) that before I would step down from my position to look up to you, a deeper evaluation of your intellect and knowledge of arcane subject matter is required.
    I tossed an acorn of knowledge as pertaining unto Lucifer who is Biblically also called the “Anointed Cherub that Covereth”; which means that he is the carnal veil that blinds the unbelieving in the spirit world.
    I’m sure that you are also aware that when the Lord of this World chooses someone to accomplish something, he gives them creativity and an intellect that supersedes the average individuals.
    So, dear Sister, I request you to correspond briefly that we may scope each other out a little further. If you want to send something malicious my way, feel free; I am quite adept at warfare in the astral realm. Years ago I was dinner “Spellbinder” by a group that called themselves “the Shadow.” there is a reason they don’t fuck with me…
    Nevertheless, I seek not quarrel, simply some further correspondence before I even reveal the purpose for which you caught my eye; and recall to your mind this, the Devil himself can and will appear as an angel of Light…




    • First of all, Sister Christfuck has nothing to do with this site. I’m a devotee, or former devotee.. who knows, like I said, I’ve got problems of my own now, speaking of….”, the Devil himself can and will appear as an angel of Light…” You mean like, in the guise of my wife, whose been playing innocent all of these years, and was lying the entire time, as I predicted, oh those many years ago?


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