Kelle Martina Out -Christfucks Christfuck

Kelly Martina Out- Chrsitfucks Christfuck!!!


Believe it or not, Kelly Martina just redefined blasphemy!!! This woman will say anything. And as always, her “act” is highly authentic, and skilled. In this one video, I’d say that she out- blasphemied Christfuck herself! Its worth every penny. I will in no way share this video. She deserves much better. You’ll have to buy it from the above link. I’ve asked her to make me a custom clip with her praising the name of Satan. I would see here verify our suspicions that she was a witch all along.

Her decision not to use satans name in this clip was questionable, but the blasphemy otherwise, was INTENSE. Her full to the brim brick shithouse of a body, all nude, playing the roll of Tempter. I’ve never seen a video of hers that didn’t get me off, but this one…. this one is singular.

Things she could take from Christfuck: hailing Satans name. praising 666, The Beast. pissing, shitting, etc.

What could  Christfuck take from Kelly, mostly the authenticity, or the quality control, the professionalism of the “performance”.

I truly think that in terms of blasphemy, there isnt ANYTHING, this woman wouldnt say, and make believable. Truly Satanic.

Also from clips4sale, Dirty Garden Girl’s Defiled Crosshj20y1anejv218gr5hjz.jpg

Is also a CLASSIC blasphemy clip. Highly recommended. She’s a witch, theres no doubt.Dirty Garden Girl in this video, just blasphemes her blown out ass off!

But on another note. Is it possible that Our Sister Christfuck had a child? Did this cause her apparent retirement? Possibly. Thank Goodness we’ve got fine patrons of the arts commission works like these. Both worth every penny! Must Haves!!!


6 responses to “Kelle Martina Out -Christfucks Christfuck

  1. I’m not going to deny you your opinion, but did you see the clip I referenced?
    Also, there’s no point in living in the past. We need to patronize and support talent that’s accessible and working Christfuck is gone. She’s abandoned us. Satan demands that our descent continues.


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