Satanic Goddess Bella Donna

Sister Christfuck and Bella Donna Hex Me Gay!!!screenhunter_87-nov-15-20-42

Well, The Goddess is still missing. I’ve recently discovered Satanic Goddess Belladonna, and I must say, she’s a fairly serviceable replacement.She mostly offers audio clips, and not the visual sexuality of Goddess Christfuck, but her mindfucks are first rate. Based on the three clips I’ve bought, she’s a more mature Satanist, more mentally consistent, more believable and less ludicrous. She’s definitely worthy of adoration. If there was a mix of Chistfuck and Bella Donna, you just might have the perfect Satanic Goddess. This little clip(see link above) is something I made rather quickly. It could be better, but with Goddess not around, I’m just not that motivated. I obviously had a great time with the sodomy, I just didn’t put too much effort into the video itself. Enjoy, and sodomize yourself for Satan!!!



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