A Dark Day


Not much to say, but I must recognize the one year mark since Our Lords last clip on clips4sale. I have reverted back to a former Mistress, who has similarly disappeared. Perhaps her and Christfuck have returned to Satans bosom. Perhaps even now, one licks his right ball as the other sucks his left.

Here are some of the poems I’ve written her this year, as I’ve been forced to occupy myself in  Christfucks absence.


Just to show you how evil my Master is, heres a quick correspondence we had earlier this year.

On Jul 3, 2016 12:32 PM, I wrote:

I’m tempted to ask you why, but asking you would be like asking god why he lets children be fucked over by Zika.

On Jul 9, 2016,   Stacey Schantz wrote:

Who is Zika??

On Jul 9, 2016 9:56 PM, I wrote:

This mosquito borne disease that’s spreading now from the tropics, when pregnant women get it their babies have shrunken heads and are totally fucked.
On Jul 9, 2016, at 8:11 PM, Stacey Schantz  wrote:Hahahahaaa that’s funny


Simpler then!

Cover my head

With a hood

Execution style

So, as you carve me

with your knife

I can’t even see you smile!

Suck me off, kneeling

As you dig

666, in my skin

Just say where

praise Satan!

Name The curs-ed place

MASTER! Give the murders time

and when!

666! Witch!!!!


make the flesh tear,

rip and deliciously Split

To our presence,

the Devil NOW call

And rub into the blood

Handfuls of Hells purest, oh fire! PLEASE! SALT!

Trace your tongue

One six at a time

For Satans sake

Drink Like a margarita, this, my wine!

Your poisonous spit

The blood won’t clot

It Keeps pouring

like waves

into your mouth

Against the chains

I thrash and flop, but still praising Satan


DON’T STOP!!!!!”

Stand up, and into the number, rub your crotch

Worms enter in

through the cuts

Grow into giant snakes

And find their way


Bursting through

the butt.

Some injecting venom!

Fangs In my balls!

Demonic Cheers are heard

from Satanic churches Luciferian halls!

Still fuck the number:666!

Do it for Satan

it is my wish!

plunge your knife straight through my neck a fountain stream

With the gorse of a jet

Blood from both sides with great pressure gushes

as a snake my rib cage in one constriction, breaks, pulverizes, squeezes, crushes!

I insert a finger

to plug one hole

And the remaining fountain

Goes straight through your lips to your belly

down your throat

All Without the slightest bit of overflow

You ask me

if Ive had enough

Through me

Satan simply whispers:




Burning burning BURNING!!!!
I see you in
your daughters eyes!!!
Satan!!!! Everywhere!!!
At your request
he flies!!!
If you know of a person
or in a picture, see a face
Satan GOES to them
their hopes are destroyed
As their souls are erased!
To you
All animals, All people
one cage In your zoo!
You and your daddy watch
From hell, the perfect view!
You say ” kill kill”
Til your face is all blue!

And as each victim falls

You say “fuck you fuck you fuck you!!!”

The killing
the howling
the screaming
Inside your shorts
Your cunt is creaming
You yell to your daddy
Just like a baby:
“More blood! more blood!”
Proud, He says
“of course my love”
Picks you up
gives you a hug
More souls he throws
into the mix
But there’s never
enough death
To cop you your fix👿
And so it goes
On and on
Death death death!
Darkness without dawn!

Lord Master,

Only say how I’ve failed!

Born to be your tool

I’ve only bored, begged

And offended you

With tepid presentations

Unworthy of a slave

Who claims loyalty to Satan

What shall I deliver,

Fresh bowels? Cut testicles?

Pity! What haven’t I said?

What could I have done

Not being able to blot out

The light

of a trillion life giving suns?

Upon my head, then

Score six hundred and

sixty six carvings!

Satanic symbols!

the meanings of which

Are known, only to You and

Your father, our love

the Devil!

Bleeding evil

Your eyes all white

As your mouth spits foam

And sulfur pours

from your ears, ass,

and nose

Dig with your knife into muscle, reaching bone, and there cut more symbols, spells sent straight to Hell and the Devils golden throne!

Call Him forth

Bare your fangs And howl

“Up Satan! Up to Earth!

Come from below to quench my thirst!

See the blood

all upon my hands

As they are covered,help me fill the oceans

and cover the lands!

As water during Noah’s flood, now let man drown in torrents of his own spilling blood!

Oh, let me hear as they’re drained and drowned

How I’ve so longed and lived to hear these sounds!

Fuck me! Fuck me!

Your ripping my cunt

the last thing they see!

All high, up in the sky

We fly around the earth like the speed of light!

Our juices spraying

and in this way all are sent to Hell, and in our evil baptized!”

Master, Let this be your wish and the fruit of my sacrifice!

To feel you teeth

close my throat

Jack me off, as on blood we float!

Suck, swallow, as I thrash

For Satans sake, by your hand, willingly I gasp

“Hail Satan!”

and finally happy

I breath my last!


Into the Earth

Drive me, DOWN!!!

hammer into nail, with Satanic strokes, smash, devil! Strike true and POUND!

Before you

Alone, I wandered

In circles without direction

Could this please Satan

The shortest route, 

this fool not taking?

TO HELL, then, as you wish, on TO HELL!!!

When my souls burning there, in your unholy name

Only then,can all in your world, Be right, peaceful 

Proper and well!

Burning there 

in your unholy name

Every witch nods her approval, my screams adding greatly to

Your considerable glory honor and fame

And on the way

the chores, The works?

For my Master, no villainy 

too foul, unthinkable, too evil or perverse!

Just WISH it 

That the slave may perform it all according

 to your father Satans script!

Oh,chain me to an ancient tree, read Satans words that I may hear and like a puppet, repeat

What you say, I say

And it goes on like this 

til the end of all days

But occasionally, even one such as you,must drink must feed 

So off we go 

on dark hunts for living flesh, for souls screams and meat!

On the chain,guide me through evil woods

A dog We wait, and lay 

Satans slaves in ambush!

In the dark, there!

a passerby!

We smell in the air, glory be!

It’s a follower of Christ!

You let loose the rope,

the leash

And quickly chained is the target, our sacrifice and quarry, which would have been slain, but only saved by your order to refrain!

No, Satan demands the stroke be yours,and done as your coven recites blasphemies, curses and 

self damning words.

Praying for our further damnation, as the victims major arteries 

are sliced, ripped 

and carelessly opened

As you drink

Witches in frenzied


On Satans Glory, think

Hell, What’s more evil?
That you’ve made me a true believer, in a specter
a phantom
That you yourself
don’t believe in?
Or that you are in fact the Appointed One, the Daughter of our Beloved?
The Lord in fear
We call Master, Lucifer
and  Satan?
Both courses are a wasted life
a soul left sweet in damnation.
Your raucous laughter follows logically from each perplexing option
And the sound is as exciting to me as it is to my loins soothing
Presses me on to further waste, blasphemy, and wrong
Who but you ever took such joy from another’s suicide and self destruction?
Witch! Do you wash your hands of this, claiming ignorance and false innocence?
Or do you proudly proclaim
The fruit is yours
That I walked into the trap
But that yours was the lure?
I pray to You.
I offer myself to You.
Deliver the soul to Satan or to a random garbage can.
Deposit as you will!
All is Hell, and by you
over Heaven made greater and exceedingly most preferable!

Recollect the old stages

The giddy thrills You Gained

from shocking me

with your depths, your abhorrent tales

Your mind’s inner workings: the binding, the

the cutting, The flaying the torturing!

Making incisions on warm sweating skin

You’d Then

begin the peeling

One foot on the victim

His own belly bracing


the slow stripping

Teeth gritting and grinning

Inspired by the screams

Teeth into bloody muscle exposed, deeply, Sinking!

Oh,rare steak!

Teeth clinching

juices Oozing

and the white fangs staining!

You would show them all!!!!

Pour evil in their brains

TRUE evil!

to haunt their waking dreams

Men turned zombies

Thinking of nothing

But your sins repeating

From your example they seek, the pleasures of the flesh, which still living

they’d, like you

gladly eat! anything

To please Satans Daughter, their Master, their Queen.


What have you, Master, collected, to give to our Satanic Lord?

What have you combined, gathered, bundled,

and stored?

Are your acquisitions, dear Antichrist, finally complete?

are you now ready to lay them, pridefully, and with proper arrogance,at our beloved masters feet?

Or do you still seek that one most noble soul, that you’ll personally corrupt, that certain innocence, that one

all defining piece?

Such Goodness- trapped

And upon its conversion

Butchered. Betrayed. Sacrificed!

Savaged, tortured

and Hacked?

Who is this one, how to know, when you’ve found

Her, 0r discovered him?

Either way, Satan will surely be pleased at your book of confessions, adulations.

Souls in dark, ecstatic moments

given over to HIS worship

To the pleasures and truth

of lies, damnation and sin.

Souls signed away

And Worlds wished dead

for each ones particular perversion and passion.

Praise your unholy name!

Yours was the form

that every dream took.

You held before them Satans gifts, tempting: “just for a moment, come, come and look”

And before they saw the danger, understood-

Their names most willingly, they wrote

In their own hand within Satans accursed bible, full of blasphemy, his bible, his black and bloody book!

Page upon page

The souls are piled

Within the volumes: orgies, murders, and competing styles

Hear them shout:

“SATAN! Watch Me”

He turns the leafs, and sees frenzied murder, torture, and every form of debauchery!

All these for Satan and his daughter/ lover, Stacey!

Performing, caged vermin and rats,

that once were human souls

Now pleasing you and Satan their only desire, their single goal.

What crimes do you ask

Order and demand

That we may kiss your ring

666, pure gold, shining upon your hand!


In the name of Antichrist
Thou Body of Antichrist
come forth!
From dense choking
fogs, and steams
From darkest blackness
oh come thou lord
come thou nearer to me!
Increase thy visibility
and of Satan’s majesty,
Divulging secrets
screaming, speak!

Come to me Antichrist
Wearing snakes that smile
Coiling your neck, arms
And waist and Thighs
Anklets, garters, living bracelets
Bringing sick forbidden
sex to yours
and to his, naught but slow,
painful death

Direct Goats at your side
Both ready and erect
Direct them!
to fuck your targets
Your followers all, willing subjects
Mouths open we accept
Their furry humping thrusts
We pleasure them
They lecture in terms vile, hateful
Goat after goat
From the black and gray
Each in turn, suckled this way
Over the world run loose
Satan’s weapon between their legs hard, dripping, and huge!
pronounce thyself, Antichrist!
Nude! We kneel before you!
Spread thy arms wide
As on our backs
the goats do ride!

You won’t stop fucking my mind

Not even to taunt me
with how you’re fucking it?
oh yeah, baby! I can Feel the damage,
the layers of brains being stripped away,
played with and separated.
c’mon baby! Twist the brains around your fork,
like spaghetti, slurp em up
from the top of my skull
Murderers bowl and cannibals cup.


There were never a price
or payment
you ever demanded
but rape, torture, and
every form of violence!
Suicide and murder
from our God,Satan
these are all His UNHOLY WORDs

“No!”You say
Let suicide precede mass murder
This you wanted me to believe
I think, In attaining
impossible possibilities
And of course,
for starters there were
Always Your rape fantasies

What more, Master
than your hate is pure?
Your love of hate?
The scent of your sex
the devils lure, Hells fiery lake
Those who know it, burrow
Deep into the earth
Before you kneeling
Lower, lower
Straining into Hells
hottest blasts of Heat
Burning from their bones
Their Meat to please thee.

You said once, to “die with” you
But I was young and couldn’t see what was surely Then
the right thing to do.
I didn’t know
of Satan’s Resurrection
And I failed to take
your precious poison
Found deep
at the back of your slit
Drank through the hole of what should have been
my cocks blood wet tip
Oh, as through a straw
Your filth should have been sucked greedily, absorbed
and drawn!!!
What an insult!!!!
An unhappy fuck
for the two of us and Satan
completely without result!

Oh, Mysterious One
Why won’t you make me
Kneel and pray to you?
Give me permission
Just Only say, that I may do
I’ll travel then happily to Hell
I’ll tell Satan you sent me
And That you wish him well
And that I’m of your chosen few

Don’t reject my surrender
In my hour of need
Pray, How further can silence
Effectively teach me?
Full is your belly
Spew whats  contained
All over me, vomit,
Every drop must be mine
By Satan,  take careful aim!

Your words are slime
Hanging from me, heavily
Making me trudge, slowly
Like a zombie
Weighing me down
this burden, this tar
Wet, black bile
Accept a slaves submission
His blood, soul, his entire person.

This shit you said I worship
the shit you said you walk in?
Where is it???
Let me make pilgrimage
Find your cloven footprint
And collect a sample
To return home with
My House permeated
with its stench
Left rank, foul, unfreshened
Witches in this city, all can smell it
I sell them tickets
seeking your Blessing, they touch it
And instantly, their souls
are even more than they hoped for, wrecked

They contort
dream of the suns explosion
Its end and death and all the suffering thats with it, concomitant!
The solar system GONE
Nothing left
No blondes, no brunettes
No fucking,no children, no sex
Just molten rocks, bones and remnants
Floating  uselessly in space
But hold!
The rubble by some Satanic gravity takes the  shape of universal destruction- YOUR FACE!!!!

Forever explorers, passing through
Will see the cause of the systems death
The universal Satan
that acted through you!
Oh, they should not have
seen this sight
They’re now Infected!
Forfeited to Satan
their souls and lives
Now Through the universe, spread.

And what crime is it to kill
a mother of vermin
before her brood is born
Or the brood, found too late
before it reaches fecundity, puberty, Before it comes of age?

Or the father before
he plants his seed?
What better deed
Than to kill those
rats, maggots, worms
Degenerates who uselessly eat?
Let them slave
for a few stray grains
And drop dead,  by more vermin
Quickly to be replaced
How else to build a Master Race?

Oh, the stench of this cleansing
The warmth of this flame
Let us fuck in the forest
As hot ashes over us
blow and perpetually rain!


You Up the stairs, one by one
All Angel defenders , slain
And Thrown down to perdition!
Disembowelment, decapitation
No prophet left living
Some split down the middle
with but a single swift swing!

Bodies butchered, cut in half
The stairs grow slippery
through blood you advance!
No time for caution, fear
Angst, or pause
This is your glory
Your purpose your cause

Angels upstream
Seeing no hope
Suicide and jump
to the flames down below
Only Christ stands
between you and gods throne
He jacks off, awaits
your unmerciful blow!
scythe scoops him up
His body waved high
The signal is given
You yell:
“Hell! Come climb!
And Join me inside”


Speak through your fingers- heil Hitler
Tell me Beast, what has become of you and your Mark, that unholy figure
what use have you made, will you make, of the Great Curse
Your perfect Number?
What words in its speaking have you
Ripped apart, made rubble,
torn asunder
By thinking of 666
What calamities have you
set in motion, enacted, constructed
and fixed?
Send a letter-short, streamlined,simple
Let Three typed forms
reveal the secret of your riddle
Activate the program
You slipped inside my mind
Long ago
Once upon a time
3 numbers to know you’re there
With Deaths scythe
oh Devil, climb Satan, malignant
Conquering Up Heavens stairs




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