Have you?

Have you followed your Goddesses order to “sodomize yourself for Satan”? Leave a testimony, what did you use? Inspire Her return with tales of your self abuse.


3 responses to “Have you?

  1. Yes. i have followed her. i do so regularly sodomizing myself with a red Jackhammer jesus dildo while dressed and wearing a Satan slave collar. i have pics and even video’s


  2. Dressed up like a nasty whore in red panties,red nylons and sexy lingerie, while spun on tina, i listened to the command of our Goddess and lubed my asshole and a crucifix of Christ and sodomized. My ass. In and out with that Christ crucifix,faster and fasterc as my cock grew huge as o used pne hand to plunge the crucifix deeper and the oyher hand to stroke my cock while cursing vgod and chrise. Ptaising Satan until I came and shot the biggest load of cum ever. Fuck it felt so damn good that i am going to do it again after i finish writing this.


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