57149 - camera futanari futa_on_female high_heels large_insertion rape snot sparrow stomach_bulge sunglasses tears top-down_bottom-upWhere is She?
Gone to Hell?
Quite! As Silent, as she’s deep!
Thus From the blessing
of Her damnation,
the liberty of Her slavery
You, the host and collective
are now set adrift
and are tragically made free!


From a Slavery, now
to all men, denied
blind now, wander!
and Slither, ye worms!
slink, grovel and crawl
Creep ye, alone without guide
seek ye, fallen, grope
for the glowing Gates of Hell!

Thine own best counsel:
In the dark, your digits-
Sever and dismember
And listen, closely
so closely, for Her!
as into the earth
Your life blood, is sucked
and bubbling down, it seeps!
Next, Admonish yourself:
“Silence traitor!
and Continue on!
Gnawing, tearing, and ripping
with your sin starved teeth!”
Flesh from your bones
Ripped and spat
Still Ignored, by your Lord
Wasted muscle, sinews
ligaments, and fat!

Still No reply?!
As one with the others, then chant: “more!” And
“See us, Lord!
On our Urine we guzzle
Famished, On our shit we gorge!”

Her blood and Her body!
All  men, covered in
happily like snakes, slither
slink and squirm
One upon the other
all for their Mother, to let her know delight!
But  of The Appointed, though the earth rumbles
Still-no sound,scent, touch
or sight!

Of what other tortures
dare we think
Having already been driven
so far past imagination
and sanity’s moderating brink?
Mother, inspire us
With but a word
New tortures, order!
And of the saints
New, unthought of
sacrifices e’en, ritualistic murders
Shocking to khans, caliphs
Inquisitors and kings
Its Novelty to Satans feet to please our Lord we’d humbly bring

What celebrations!
What pleasures!
On our souls
She sharpens, no less than
Satans sword!
Let it Arc,then!
Mistress, Swing
With vigor instinctual
and unrestrained
The blood from heaven, falling upon us, Freely Rains
our passions, enhanced
our pain, assuaged
Oh, the blood drenched fucking!
Our blood mixed
with that of Heavens slain

Christfuck sends now
Her Cursed Impalers
Against Heaven, and Her own
She has smashed completely
the glory of heavens auspicious star encrusted throne!

In heaven, the victims
From penetration ran!
among the acolytes
The spears were taken
lovingly and Desperately
By the hand

Each had taken a yogic position
Rightfully interpreted
by her demons
As nothing less
than an open invitation.
Christfuck Herself, for a chosen horde
lied on Her back
and each chosen climbing
impaled themselves upon it
With such fervor
That to the innocent, it looked as if it was SHE who was under attack!
Straight to the root
They did grind, then bounce
They’d have Her cum
Blasphemous Oaths with foam they screamed
demanding every ounce!

Ass to mouth!
From ever orifice
Their blood and Her cum mixed
Came Pouring forth and out!
They were then stacked, sky high
Her cock growing to heaven
With their last breaths they babbled and bid
blasphemy on the
skewering tower
“Rise! Rise! Rise!”

On this ladder of cock
Ever cumming fountain
bodies and limbs
Hell climbed thus to
Heavens occupation!
And yes, by Her power, alone
did those self impaled experience
life ever lasting, submission to Her as God and
Eternal Resurrection!

Will Her forth
who death now hides
Everywhere you look
With each orgasm
See only Her in your mind
focus on Her Satan possessed eyes!
She’s still but a babe
And needs but our strength
Call Her forth, that Hell now condemned
might be freed and one day saved!
Blaspheme without fear, nay
Come join us, and know that by Her approval
It’s now become,all the rage


See Everywhere how god is scorned
And Satan held in terror?! Literally EVERYWHERE!
The good see the bad
And think hat they should
and given the chance
for their dreams know they would
Follow the lead of your Master
Live, and in Her, forever be free!




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