Does it matter if She is?



To the Sacred Demon Queen- Cunt Whore
There are no amends
For such as me, having committed
on a lark and whim
against Her person
every unpardonable sin

“Sin!” she said, “yes, by all means, against all, I encourage
Perpetual sin, even past the infinite, let sin be unending
Grave, obscene and grossly sacrilegious
to Christ insufferable and exceedingly offensive
Go slaves! I bid you GO! to and through
all conceivable limits!
Create deep, blackest synthesis
of My every dark and unnaturally Satanic dream
To the soundtrack of vomit, horrors, and blasphemy
the curdling cries of death and torture
yes again, by all means
These are indeed
the demands and expectations
of your Unholy Witch’s craft!
But to sin against ME?
To sin against Sin?
The unthinkable”, She says,
“is always unforgiven!”

“To think: breaking discipline
just to draw My attention?
This fruit to all, is strictly verboten
even to our master, Lucifer
Yes, even he
Known by all as The King of Hell, our Master, Lord Satan!
Of who I am His mate, daughter and most of all
His earthly incarnation!

With my chants and eldritchs, you found yourself playing?
My schemes, plans, and spells
Potentially altering, through your most unskilled interfering?
Listen now to nothing, heretic
bask in my roars of silence!
And be struck blind
by the fierce dark brightness
the cruel unbearable punishment of my lasting and enduring absence!

Where is She?
Gone to Hell
Silent and deep
The blessing of Her ordered damnation, from Her glorious slavery
you’re now set aloft and free
a Slavery now, due to you
to all men denied
blind now, wander!
crawl worm, crawl
slither and creep
Without guide, seek ye now
the Gates of Hell !
And In the dark, your digits
Sever and dismember.
And listen closely for sounds of Her
while into the earth
Your lifesblood
is sucked and seeps.
Silence traitor!
and Continue with your teeth
Flesh from your bones
Ripped and spat
Still Ignored, by your Lord
Wasted muscle, sinews
ligaments and fat!

No reply!
The host, as one we chant: “more”
On our Urine, we guzzle
On our shit we gorge
Her blood and Her body
into our throats we pour
All men are covered in
and like snakes we slither
slink and squirm
One upon the other
pray for our mothers delight
While The earth cracks
The clouds rumble
Though of our master
Still, no sight!

Of what other tortures
dare we think
Having already been driven
so far past imagination, and sanity’s moderating brink?
Mother! inspire us
With but a word
New tortures order!
And of the saints
unthought of, and new
ritualistic murders

Sing songs of Her, who is not real
for Her mercy
pray, beg, sacrifice, appeal!
Sing songs of Christfcuk
Her, who’s soul is dead
by Her spirit haunting
alone we are owned, ravished, and misled.


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