I’m done with lying whores.

I’ve got problems of my own right now. Real witches in my life who are turning out to be far more powerful than I ever dreamed. I’ve got real problems figuring out how deep the evil goes,and what are its intentions and capabilities. Right now it looks like I’m check mated, which would be a disaster. This site is on hiatus as I ponder moves to prevent the destruction of all the REAL shit that I’ve spent a lifetime building.


3 responses to “I’m done with lying whores.

  1. Yeah sounds like your lost
    Everything you thought you were doing just crumbled away because your a fuckin idiot your parents mustve never spanked you as a kid and you were prolly ugly and weird as fuck so you figured oooh the devil likes ugly and weird ima go ahead and worship him because he understands me when you never met him you have no prove he exists and yet your a witch?
    If there really were witches why cant you make yourself so rich that you could buy everything in the world whh cant you win the lottery. You people are just as dumb as jesus bible belivers the Vatican has so many books 54 miles of books to be exact and we arent alliwed to look at them im sure somewhere there is a book that shows u the truth but the devil is just as fake as jesus until you show proof ooh and please explain to me what the devil will gove you for praising him? Enlighten me or how you satanist say endarken me hahaha retards


    • You’re a bowl of lukewarm oatmeal without sugar. Knowing nothing of love, passion, obsession, or romance. The stars reresent nithing to you but burning gas. You’re without imagination and therefore dead. You might as well kill yourself, but your religion is convoincing others to give up there’s. The only reason you’re alive. Unloveable and incapable of living. A fool, afraid to follow his philosopdhy to its logical conclusion, no will to power, impotent, castrated, hollow.


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