To The Oracle, Offer Open Orifices


Growing Distance
from our Lady
and Satanic Goddess
who, from this groveling vantage, seems:
shrinking and withdrawing, falling
smaller, Vanishing to non existence!
This growing freedom
to my pleasure; unpalatable
repulsive, miserable,
horrid,  and wholly insufficient!

Upon my legs, no chains
Light Shoulders, bearing
no burden or weight
Where am I?
What is this place?!!
Where heart beats, so easily
Lungs breath, free
Yet hopeless life, void of dharma, purpose
who am I without Her
Lacking my former duties?
What shall I do, with all of these
the fruits of my sown and cultivated insanity?
Fine Soul attuned and adapted
Specialized for the hearing
of Her, my Master’s heresy?

All is picked up
choruses of beetles and every carrion bug
Repeated by waves
of awakening frogs
Plethora of midnight songs
Sourced in the dark
to the day ringing
To light, total destruction, darkness, and calamity bringing

But alas, She’s destroyed, surely
Gone down to Satans lair, his bosom
Leaving Her children, Motherless
Unloved, both crying, and Orphaned!
What great powers of deception
reside within you, Satan!
To seduce, enlist, bind, dismiss.
This was all to be expected
all the resultant: Dishonor, lonliness, shame, burning hellfire
torture, pain!
What would we give, for just a word, a miracle, a sign
That She loves us, lives, and is still
Lord Satans, Daughter prime, ranked and Divine?
That she’ll return, resplendent
Upon Her skin, new lessons burned
mantras, yantras, glyphs
graphs, and Satanic images
Brands, designed by and writ in your very own hand.
By your nails, seared
Let Mary, arisen
strike panic, terror
Make Heaven scatter
like roaches, in the light, lost in mortal fear

Arisen One, higher, rise
Repeat Satans pronouncement
Glorious effect
Seeing You blinds
their curs’ed eyes
Hearing You
on the ground still dead
immobilized, they all lie

In Your sign you stand,
High in the sky
the earth rotates
and as all enter night
They see You, hear You
And those who in folly accepted the Christ
in disgrace,hope shattered, to Satan let go their lives
As Those victorious
believing in Satan, cheer
“Anti-Christ! Anti-Christ”!

In The Age of Bedlam,
So rises the New Sodom
The night turns day
And like the North Star in the sky
our Lady, constant in Satan remains
And those still living, now in Him risen
Engage in sodomy
Sing! praising the Beast
From Satans highest, to his least
On Sister Christfuck, eyes -always- fixed
chanting as one, nay, ROARING:
“666! 666!…”
No distance, no escape
Satan is inevitable
as he is Fate!

A thought on freedom leads to possession
by even stronger demons
From Satan, Christfuck sent
As reward as well as our punishment!
Orgasm from impalement
One thrust, ass to mouth
Mary stabs, and then pulls out
Another thrust! Then another
Lying, laughing, blaspheming
I scream “Mother!Mother!”
She says “quiet child!
And feel the spear that drove Christ himself
with ecstasy, over the edge, gone mad and wild!
His side then bled into the chalice
As Magdeline stole it away
To Hell and Satans palace
Where vampirism reigned
orgasms and Sweet Sodomy!
Rejoice! In your death at my hand
You are immortalized, honored, and blessed!
Die martyr, but live forever
Impaled sigil, red upon my crest!”


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