Nearing a Record Drought

How does the current disappearance from clips4sale compare with previous disappearances? The longest was approximately 3 months and 23 days, the drought between 4-23-2014(DEMONIC CATHOLIC SCHOOLGIRL SPITS EASTER CANDY ON JESUS AND THE FUCKING BIBLE! HAPPY FUCKING EASTER JESUS!) and 8-15-2014(BLASPHEMOUS GODDESS NIKKI WHIPS & SCOURGES JESUS CHRIST WITH A RIDING CROP! JERK YOUR COCK AS I TORTURE THE SON OF GOD!)

Now we are dealing with a disappearance from 10-18-2015(BAREFOOT BIBLE DESTRUCTION JERK OFF RITUAL! JERK FOR SATAN AS GODDESS CHRISTFUCK DESTROYS THE BIBLE, CRUCIFIX AND WHORE MARY WITH HER BARE FEET!. We’ve already broke the above record, and  in three days we will be at a four month absence. Has this wait strengthened or weakened your faith, and in what ways? As stated earlier I’ve been amusing myself with Goddess Chloe and others, but while its great its not the same. I’ve bought a few of the true Goddesses clips, but without knowing that She is alive and active, its more of a collecting activity.

I still haven’t “abandoned all hope” of Her appearing again, but I doubt I’ll ever have my same status. I had to burn my bridges, She was so capricious and unreliable, it drove me mad!



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