Down With the Wind!

ScreenHunter_400 Feb. 13 20.01

Did You feel the winds of spirit shift
Did Your nostrils detect
flying down Upon it
deaths horrid, and rancid scent?
YOUR scent, but by a bit,
more pungent, and slightly different?
Your scent, coming downwind, with your lover
father, lord, and friend
Source of Evil
Master Lucifer, our Lord and God, King Satan!

Did You look up, when You felt it shift
See heaven in the sky, burning down in flames
for You alone, Satans greatest gift?
for only You to savor, and for Your sexual pleasure, to relish?
Squeeze then tight, Your perfect tits
And let the poisoned milk, like venom drip
See all the (now) living
all of Satan’s children
Lining up for a sip:
Man, mammals, microbes, fish
To suck Your breasts, beneath heaven burning
their dream come true, their only wish!

On each dead body, proudly stand
As they pull themselves up
to meet You, hand over hand
Two at a time, they suck each teat
Instantly dying, they fall dead at your feet
Oh, Glory! Here comes the Christ
Last in line
at once, takes both tits
To pay for his crime
Dared call himself ” The Son of God”
but when ever to Satan, his Father to please
did he lower his head, bending his brittle, fragile, and creaking knees?

Drunk on Your milk, he passes out
Your cunt smothers him dead
covering his nose, his foul and blasphemous mouth!
You uproot his genitals, with but a  single claws swipe
the bloody mess You then ram inside!
Satans cock, now packs it deep
On Christs dead body, satisfied
Father and Daughter, both fall sound asleep.
Satans cum, Your juice and milk
down the pyramid, of the dead, flows, cascades, runs, and spills

ScreenHunter_400 Feb. 13 20.05


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