Vivian Leigh=What a Waste!

ScreenHunter_399 Feb. 12 14.36

I just bought Vivian Leigh’s “True Evil 666” clip. What a wasted opportunity. This clip could have been a classic, but no such luck. She’s as beautiful as ever and she has a beautiful serpent draped over her as she dances. Visually spectactular, EXCEPT, for some reason she keeps her fucking clothes on! she tantalizes with an enormous black strap on, she flashes her bluer than blue eyes, we see her perfect ass in panties, but theres NO TALKING, just some music which reduces it to basically a strip tease where the stripper forgets to take off her clothes.

IMAGINE! if she had jacked off praising our Lord Satan, with the music in the background, and the snake crawling over her. I mean give us SOMETHING more than an act most of us have seen at the local strip club. It could have been a game changer, instead it was something of a fail.

I’ve always thought that if Goddess Christfuck’s perversity and true belief could be merged with Vivian Leighs intellectualism(as it were) and productivity , we could enter a new era of Satanism. With the Goddess having vanished, who will fill the vacuum?


ScreenHunter_399 Feb. 12 14.39 The serpent was VERY active and the two of them were in sync throughout.

ScreenHunter_399 Feb. 12 14.35 I’d take every fucking inch!

ScreenHunter_399 Feb. 12 14.38

This is the end of the clip- WHY ARE HER FUCKING CLOTHES ON?!!!


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