One way or the other, sufferings forever


To say you’ve been forsaken means its over
Finality! You’ve been forsaken!
So stop dreaming
of acceptance or redemption
Guilt’s been established
And your state is not forgiven
On your cross then, meditate
Wonder who SHE is
Next to Christ by God forsaken
You’re the same
only by Satan

Let The torture
of your hands and feet
side and back
To the suffering of your mind
bring the focus
Insight, and clarity, that clearly you lack
who was She, your Goddess Satan’s Mary?
who is She?
the only one
you Would know, have use of, need?
Who has abandoned you
to misery?
The only one
you would ever know
you will never know, forsaken
Nailed to a tree, upon this knoll
Not even the lowest demon
has She sent
to claim your worthless soul!
Fate Worse than Heaven, with the Christ enthroned
hell, and even Limbo,
Scream to the Devil: “no!!!!”
Don’t believe
Say “its not possible!”

Scan the crowd, then
Every eye, deep
search, and for Satan’s daughter, seek….seek
In their left, Look for the number “666”, shining, glowing, burning in the iris
the sign of death fulfilled, enthroned, and forever incarnate

In the right, with sin, grinning
None other than, Our Lady’s face,
having destroyed, god, his prophets, and laid their heaven barren waste

Perhaps She’s here
in disguise, you know how The Goddess loves Her lies
Yes! She must be here, right on cue
Come at last to rescue you
to Her bosom, breasts
Marked with Satans cum
Hallelujah, let it be true!

Whats this?
At the foot of your cross
lapping your blood, a mangy bitch?!
Blood in a shallow pool
Crimson tongue slurping it
You think
“Could it be, is it?
Satan’s Witch?!”

Scream at the cur “look at me!”
She raises her head and bays, with the spirit of Satan
eyes and face, set all ablaze
The blood from your feet, Drips
Onto her tongue
like an innocent child
Who in the winter, catches snowflakes

Before you, to Mary, the bitch transforms
All these exposed
Her cunt, tits, tail, cloven hooves, and spike-ed horns!!!!
The Sacred Ground
She stands upon
turns red, by rising hell-fire, baked and warmed

Waves Her hand
breaks through the crust
and turns the maggot Jesus Christ
to floating ash and forgotten dust
Turns to you
“We’ve much to discuss”
The earth opens up!
She Brings down Her fists
And To Hell in an instant,you find yourself flushed
Following, She dives
Against the thermals, straight to hell The Goddess rides!

Barred by the closing chasm
the remaining throng, from what they’ve seen
By Satans power, orgasms!
By Satans power
And His Mistress Mary’s
The world once forsaken
Having seen Our Lady
Now sins freely, and is
forever entranced and awakened


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