I say, maybe, a pettite chef d’oeuvre


Goddess, are You Inquisition’s prisoner
Fell hostage of christ’s, unjust, unholy war?
Angels and priests
having stormed Your lair
Of Satan, for his beloveds exchange
demanding: apologies, humilities
importunate, and illegal ransoms?
To conceive it, to think of it
who is there, sick enough to dare?

More like, Jesus among the lepers
An all too willing visitor, this capture
infiltrating Heaven’s Gates
whispers from Your cell
Each syllable becoming, a deadly, venomous, and Satanic snake

Passing through the bars
of Your confining cage
Heaven infecting
making forever night, of what was once, the promise of eternal day!

Your eyes rolling back, showing, naught but white
Body swaying cobra-like
Entranced, self hypnotized
Snakes around Your body writhe
And rise
Escape! poison trailing
and venom into “innocence”
spewing, cumming, and lethally spraying!

Heavens subjects hit
All frothing mouths
and epileptic fits
Soon becoming, bound for Hell, Mary’s Satanic zealots
Networked, repeating the whispers, of their Mistress
and in turn birthing, more and more
of Her filth spreading serpents

Seeing Heaven, doomed, over run
Christ turns about, with the current
as one of us, he’s now become!
Downstream, to the earth
Meeting the ascending, screaming
who see onrushing the tide
their Christ possessed
how wicked and ravenous, PROUDLY, faithful in Satan he rides!

Cock in hand, gushing forth, waves of sacred jism
“Back! Back to earth!” He cries
“Behind me is Mary, Satan, Sin, and Death
Indeed! Satan is now my lord, as Mary is my liege!
Back! Back I say, run to Hell
For the foolish crime of worshiping me, burn in fire
Satan to please, on Him only, do I now BELIEVE!
Heavens destroyed and in disarray! Our hope is in Satan, for only He, is the Glory, the Power, and above all, the Way!”
On his cum, the hordes washed down
their false messiah, has relinquished his crown

Not yet done, Her chant still compelling
“Come Moses, Come Samson
before Me to your deaths I would see,¬† your love, now plumb the depths of SODOMY!”
“Come Mother Mary, Come Mother Eve
Come cunniling, until a child in Satans conceived!”
Miriam, perch here!
Peter, perch there!
Respective showers of piss and cum
arch prodigiously into the air
cover in filth their faces and hair
formerly, til now, exceedingly fair!
Abel, Caine’s throat
with this blade now take
Furious revenge, for your Mistress go make!
Christ, on My mission, to earth and hell has gone
Heaven is Mine as I once foresaw
Sins against “god” and blasphemy
are now your duties
and the whole of Universal law
Alleluia! Alleluia!
Rising from Hell’s steam, sulfur, and fog
Satan! The Lord! The Master! Mary’s mate and the one true God!



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