WORK, your imagination!


Upon the ground
face down, at her presence, my body I instantly throw
as up from Hell
Following Nikki
Hell’s demons, march in columns
ghouls advancing in perfectly ordered rows!

All of Satan’s arms, here assembled
Her’s can easily imagine
what they’re about
and to where they go!
Unnaturally; to poison, corrupt, make carrion
these death cultists, feasting upon
the children of light, and every human soul!
Our Lady of Woe
at last She beckons me, whistling
Rising then running
up to the front
Down my throat, She relieves Herself
As with two fingers She spreads
the lips of Her most perfect cunt!
blasphemes profusely, And says “follow me”
TO ME!!!!!

Belches words, Her orders
Demons, to the left
where Her lies have trapped, the heretics and the Protestants!
Ghouls to the right, Fall out!
To set the Catholic Church
and orthodoxy, to ruin, wreck, and rout!
The enemy’s divided
and Satan is pleased
The Church of Christ
Finally, cut down by Mary, our Goddess, cut down and bleeding at the knees!

Carnage! Christ descends
and for mercy begs, our Goddess reaches up
and pulls him down, savagely, without mercy by the legs!
Victorious Hell, from its killing rests
Turns and looks
mouths open, wondering, aghast and incredulous!
“She Has him, What’s next?!!!!”
“Rape!” She says, “torture and all the attendant horrors of non Consensual sex!”
He’s immobilized! Her blasphemy a hex!
Orders me before him
on my knees
and the puppet can’t resist!
by my tongue he’s risen, despite his best intention
to the heights of Satanic bliss

Down my throat delicious drips
of The Christforce, his life, his being, and above all, his essence
Then! She forces his anus, past Her wrist
Her elbow by his sphincter kissed
he shouts oaths to the sky
as his cock down my throat, erupts, spasms, and exhausted, dies

She commences with two fists
his ass, she punches
Belly on the ground, he lies like a snake, hole agape,
and ready
Hell draws near, but our Lady cries out  “hold firm, my children, and stand without fear, silent as you are, and steady!”
Then from Her mouth emerges, a serpent!
Could it be?!

The Lord of Hell
Now enters the scene!
Spies christ’s ass yawning, and welcoming
so of course now, Marys’s Master Satan
writhes, slithering and entering
Engulfed, the hole closes tightly behind
The body stands tall
and Christ, appears to all
strong, most healthy, robust, and even fine
Until, from his mouth vomits
His mother first, his father, and still one even worse
the Holy Spirit itself!
Ranting and raving
Takes by the hair, Christfuck!
And cock engorged, on Her ass
Satan possessed, the bastard tries his hopeless luck !
All of hell is in delight
Sodomy, general
and all the wrongs of the past
are at last, forever and finally set to right !

set to right !


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