A Sissy Diversion

I just saw the most amazing p.o.v. fagification videos. Incredible stuff. I would recommend these clips to the Goddess Christfuck. I’ve often encouraged Her to take us in this direction. The clips with Her corrupting Catholic priests should be abandonded. They’re somewhat, moronic, for lack of a better word. I’d like to see, as always, just Her by Herself. Theres no more need for Catholic nun, She should only be in the character of Satanic witches,like in the “number of the Beast” or in “Destroy the Holy Spirit” or “Break the First Commandment”.  Maybe an exectuive or a global elite, paying to the Devil. That, would be realistic, going on about Her plans to cull the herd. Forced bi, and pimping out Her followers would also  be brilliant. Could YOU be Her whore? Could you suck a cock for Her? Part of her resists true sadism, for instance, She resisted when I asked Her about the propriety of animal sacrifice. I wonder if She’s gone because She just can’ t go to the next level. She even ignored my questions about CEI. Let the following videos be an inspiration both to Her and to us.








Oh, and the delicious subject of being pimped out reminds me of an old sissy hypno I made back in the day http://motherless.com/66E64CE


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