Abhorent Vacuum(the mind drifts when she’s absent)



“But always to feel the same thing is soon the same as to feel nothing”
Rousseau and revolution. p. 35

1967, Durant

Happily, it must be
submissively confessed
that in the fairer sex
those with brazen hair
eyes, sky blue, and Aqueous
all absorbing the seas, rays, it’s these
that naturally tend to be best
(though the others are not found without their own charms, or worthless)


15Now at last, with understanding
We may contemplate
the ravings of the racist, and of the Aryan supremacist
This Goddess,and her like, I freely attest
I’d burn the world and myself, just to protect!
Oh, that she would call on me
Own my soul,
and my brown-black body, eternally possess!

Trouble me, for causes most trivial
Every filth laden drudgery,
hopeless acts and futile
heroic and suicidal.
All dream To suckle the feet
transporting her eyes
To inflict every torture
Is by the Devil, her natural born right!


04Does She know?
Will she abuse her power
Take her place
aggressively perched
high upon the column marble?
See The world reserved for her
and for all, made easily suffer-able?


Every life lived in vain
that not calling her own
she doesn’t claim.
What exceptions to this rule?
None! If she instinctively embrace
that she’s The Lord Satan’s most precious jewel!
Gladly wielding upon her slaves
the tools from this abbreviated list:
leather whips
Thorny sticks
Electric prods
Sharpened claws
Liquid wax
Abusive verbiage
Flung shit and spraying piss
Blasphemies heresies
Satanic curses
Rage hate
an insatiable taste for vengeance
sphincter ripping


and sometimes g spot squirting
Straight down the throat
feeding, and forcing
Oh to touch the flax and see her eyes
I’m Shrinking as she rises
and grows exponentially in size
String me through with needle and thread
a bauble hung round her pale white neck
To see her only when
In a mirror she gazes
Together we say in unison:
“simply perfect”













2 responses to “Abhorent Vacuum(the mind drifts when she’s absent)

  1. Red Pawn can you help me make a video / clip for her glory…I am craving her so much…watched the demon summons clip now and loved how she changes in it…how the chair becomes one with her…how she strips whilst reading the fucking bible…how she stops then instruct me to sniff poppers….her spirit is working in me…so fast…so much need to satisfy her…must find prophetess in cape Town…Cult Of Satan and Christfuck must expand…he is beyond beauty so other can compare…using me body for her glory…bringing men to her for her glory…abomination and I love it


    • I feel your pain, brother. If you’d like I’ll make and post the video. You provide the raw footage you would like included. Use your phone to record as you see fit. Use the largest item you can take. I’ll mimic it perhaps. I’ll write you a script if you want, one of Her prayers to Satan. I’ll chant along with you. record the sodomizing now, I’ll send you a link to my dropbox and you can send it to me. I’ll make the script soon and you can make an audio file of it, and I’ll mix it in.You said you have converted one person. If this is still the case have this person also Sodomize for Satan, if not, you and me will be enough. I’m gonna want you to buy and post one of Her clips at some point if possible. Have to go now, will be in touch later.


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