An internet FULL of every type of pussy
but theres only ONE who can sate our desire,
quenching our Satanic need.

Pale substitutes, don’t get to the root
their eyes are empty, no blasphemy, whores, insufficiently cruel

We wake up in the night and are afraid of the bumps
Our Lord and Goddess, She’s not there to protect us.

Yes, I’m afraid of the dark now, She’s lost inside it somehow
I can’t see Her, can’t hear Her
my faith wanes as I become unsure

Oh Satan
wheres explanation?
Of Her Doings, obstacles, and most of all Her location?

We’ll tuck our cocks and walk the streets
Becoming Her, is our only chance to meet.
In our mouths cocks finished, flacid and done
swallowing the sacrament that our Lord soon may come!
No lengths too low, too far
fucked in random alleys
we wait for Her signifying star!




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