Though seemingly flawed


Though seemingly flawed, the Mark of the Beast is upon Her.
Our Lady’s witchcraft expands, pervades.
Believe upon it, give in to it
and let the Devil, your heart invade

Believe upon it, make it real.
to hear Her speak, your skin from the muscle
begin now to peel
eat it!
look closely at Her lips
was that a twitch?
No! Still silence!
Whats next?
Try slicing the muscles
throw them at Her feet
Stare into Her cold dead eyes
at this display, at last, She MUST be getting weak!

Every blasphemy
Her lips, easily contain
She’s quiet, as I die in the desert
from the fatal want of blasphemy’s life giving rain

How now, bloody bones?
etch upon them with a sharpened stone:
“666, The Mark of the Goddess”
submissive, plant upon Her feet, between Her toes, a  simple and sincere kiss
“Whats this?!”
She shouts
as only for pure gold, She greedily looks about
disgusted, finding none
With one long draught, to the brim, She fills Her Satanic lungs
and out! a  single shock-wave of blasphemy comes, and hits like nuclear megatons
Satan’s Glory! Eternal disintegration!




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