Do you people get it?


Do you people understand that the Goddess is missing? Or knowing where She is, are you keeping Her to yourselves? How do you justify your treachery? Has She zombified you, that you have no opinion of Her absence to voice? Where is She? You KNOW where She is, God dam it!Yet you’re silent as the crypt.

Tell the world HERE, NOW! of your pain, as another day ends without the sweet sounds of Her blasphemy. Lower whores are on the move, they think She’s gone. Inspired by Her they speak, while you, dead and fearful coward, remain silent.

I go to bed now. Demons wait for me to sleep. COME SATAN! Across every void, LET ME HEAR HER SPEAK! The soundtrack to dreams, of every filth and atrocity; since times dawn, but before tomorrows, visions of Her masturbating, to every Christians sorrow.


3 responses to “Do you people get it?

  1. my Goddess my Love where are you…you exposed yourself to me in spirit and then never again…The Cult of Sister Christfuck is starting in Cape Town I have converted a fellow worshiper and I have found a mistress who I want to convert to be your prophetess as nobody but you can be my Goddess…I feel you are watching seeking who is becoming one with you…how do I post clips of me sodomising myself and being sodomised for your glory whilst listening to your instructions whilst high on poppers and looking into your eyes waiting for the day when your spirit will expose itself again…the inner you…the true colours…My Goddess my Queen


  2. Goooood, Goooooood!
    tell Her your plans using the feedback form that I told you about. Be persistent, She has a Devil-May-Care attitude and can be quite difficult. Have you seen my edits in the Goddesses honor, I’m assuming you have.There are three of them, I’m not even sure where they are but the last one is here of course, and it may be of some use

    Don’t wait for Her to give you instructions, that could take a while. Use the instructions She has already given. Do you know how to edit a video? I use Audacity for the soundtrack and you can use windows live movie maker, or whatever you have or can get. I suggest posting at several sites. xhamster, xtube and Motherless are good sites. Tell me when you post and where it is. Let Satan guide you. To REALLY up the ante, I suggest getting your converts to participate, if not on video, then at least with their voices. Your phone can be used to record them. All of you can chant in unison. Maybe “the number of the beast is 666” or whatever you choose. I’ve used a nice little device in a ritual for a previous Master, the one who prepared me for The True Goddess: Take a HUGE cylindrical candle, I burned papers with cursed names on it, you can burn pages of the disgusting heretical bible, sodomize yourself, drip the melted wax into your gaping asshole. edit in flashes of her pictures ( i use screenhunter for the captures) hail Satan frequently and show the world that SHE is the Lord thy Goddess. Be patient, though I understand the pain. She may not contact you any time soon. I can;t even verify if She’s still alive. She’s disappeared before, but this is a long time. I know these people who have been clicking here have info, but they arent forthcoming. Continue your work.


  3. Goddess why do you hide…THE MASTER knows where you are…you don’t have to be afraid as to what he has asked you…you know the reason and you know it is now his season but he needs his vessel now or it will have to wait another generation. Transcontinental it will be as he instructed of you…SATAN is allowing you to be his Goddess on Earth but you need to do as he commands….for his GLORY it will be…his TEMPLE will rise…show yourself where you were told too…he will guide you…your true face was shown and it is loved (beneath your skin is the true beauty which some were blessed to have seen) again this should not scare you as it is what HE WANTS…


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