Scurry, little devil!


Pompous charades
of the liberal Elite!
Christians, every word uttered purposeful and clean
Cadence of speech, vocabulary
Dripping with not
the slightest bit of irony!
Every Satanists dream
to see This world saving bourgeoisie
prostrate! begging
The true Lord, Mary for Mercy
A mercy always by Our Witch Denied!
Rolled in Her shit while still alive
in boiling oil
their shitty souls
by Her ghouls are burned cooked and fried!

By Her devils
Stabbed through, when done
with spears
Pulled out and cooled
The Goddess joins them near
Of Satan insufficient was the nature of their fear
She Orders mass decapitations
Billions of heads, arranged for presentation
To The Lord of Lords,
Her Master, the True God,
The Devil, Lucifer, Satan!
The rest of the bodies
Her ghouls may eat, digest, this luxurious Bacchanal,
victorious repast
And Let ever sinner see that
Because of Mary
Satan now visits my dreams and they now no longer scare me
but are simply a matter of course

Most recently, an evil snake,
living in my forearm
free from my wrist, burst
stretched between my legs, huge and voluptuous, looked me in my eyes and flicked his enormous tongue
Then rapidly licked my balls
just short of eruption
Then, By Satan, In reverse,he slithered
back slowly into my forearm
Lovingly I helped and  pushed his head all the way in.
I thank Mary for this dream
And beg Her and the Devil
Nightly to ravage me
My mind their plaything
Cabin,Resort, lodge, and retreat
Bring me horrors
and test there
Your latest and most lovely blasphemies!


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