Hate, look what You’ve done to me!


Treachery, thy name is Nikki!
Who shall pay, for
what you’ve done to me?
Undoubtedly, me
and everyone who has ever known me!
Even all
ever born, to the world
everyone born, but thee.

Dissonance, disorder, lunacy
Your Massive fires burn, wild
out of control
Scorching all reality
with Hellfire’s
and disintegrating heat!
Spreading rapid, and raging
From times beginning
this very same acts been repeating
by Satan
and replaying
You and me
You and me
Stop manipulating!!!

I see You high, upon the dais
Dancing, Pretending
Blindness, Feigning-ignorance
Of Your evils length, extent and depth
Hypnotizing, and mesmerizing-us
hiding from the world
The truth, that You
are covered in gore, that snake
that serpent, that Harlot
that Girl!
Cunt, super wet
all consuming, glutinous
and strong, Babylon!
who gave birth to
and the anti Christ commanding!

For Your picking
the earth, swollen
With souls, overgrown
and like a grape for Your reaping, ripe
Let me, Master, be the first
or better yet the last to be picked
Come to me, oh Harlot!
Order my Hands
round my very own throat
and laugh as I squeeze
Til they’re  soaked and covered in scarlet!
Your Piss and shit down the gullet
Backed up, Overflows
Hold my nose, force my mouth open
And my eyes forever close.
Reveal Yourself  to me
Confess that within You alone
Is Satans fertilizing seed!


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