WordPress is a lying sack of shit


No way in hell did I get 18 hits from South Africa today. Thats a fucking lie. WordPress stats lie their asses off, must be like fake Ashley Madison profiles.

Anyway, as far as Goddess goes. She reminds me of the trend that started in strip clubs several years ago. Strippers being quite content who would rather make NO money than talk to a guy just sitting there with pocketfuls.Of course in this case, the stripper IS making money, probably hand over fist, in many cases, me and Her know the reason why. Gratitude must not be of Satan.


4 responses to “WordPress is a lying sack of shit

  1. New to the world of the Goddess never before has anybody taken me to the levels that she does…never been into Satanic ways until I laid my eyes on her…taught me how to sodomise myself…saw the real her once on poppers…think I am your 18 hits in South Africa


    • How lucky we are to have found Her! Yes, continue to Sodomize yourself for Her and for Satan. Ask Her for cum eating and other instructions. Feel free to discuss all of the ways She has degraded you. Give inspiration to Her other followers, the many hundreds who visit this site, but are too shy, too cowardly to participate. Relieve your burdens and share your experiences. Pledge your soul to Her eternally. Share your experiences, buy personal clips and distribute them for Her followers. Contact your Master and pledge Her your soul!


      • Need more of her…cannot stop thinking about her and her instructions…this realm is new but good…she is driving my every thought…I want to be fisted by a goddess in her likeness then baptized by her piss all over me before I drink her cum as my first communion…where do I find this pleasure…master how do I contact you…your eyes looking into my soul…love being able to see the true you…Goddess take me deeper as you sodomise me and teach me how to find pleasure in your ways


  2. Excellent! Excellent! Go find your Goddess! Contact Her on the feedback tab that appears on the left side of Her page(http://clips4sale.com/studio/49267/Cat476-RELIGIOUS/SISTER-CHRISTFUCK-S-BLASPHEMOUS-SIN#startingpoint)
    I cannot predict Her ways, She may give you nothing for everything, She may give you everything for nothing. I wish you success. Continue to describe your experiences and fantasies here as needed. May the Devil take your soul.


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