Urinate, Great Mare!


Urinate, Great Mare
On countless severed heads, housing watery
diamond blue, and gray eyes
still piercing, open, bright
Beautiful, but happily, not quite alive!

The most lovely women’s faces
are framed only
with gold and yellow hair
And low among these blades
of matted straw
Let me pray to You! Satans Steed
and breath deep of the rotted and festering air

I crawl among these balls
that You casually
for pleasure, kick
Licking from their faces and lips
Your sacred stench, Your rank and Holy piss!

Eternity, spent drinking
nothing else but this
Sucking Your water
from the straw
To the sounds of Your blasphemy
Satan’s symphony
And the greatest of all operas

Slave, rooting in Satan’s Stable
Eating just Your droppings
the barn floor serving
as both my plate and table, swallowing the ploppings

Here comes Satan!
His mare wet, and ready, opened
Satan! In the form of Baphomet!
Soon with the anti-Christ
Our Mary Christfucks pregnant!

Frenzied, She rears
up in the coupling act
Down, Hooves!
Smashing heads
The severed skulls
opened, fractured, and cracked!
This gleeful slave, his cock he  whacks
joyous with The brains
As upon him storms
with violence fall
Of his Master’s yellow rain!


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