“Helpless, Helpless, Helpless”


Without Her, how can I know
who I am?
The Musical One
for whom all notes
We’re formed, time itself
and rhythm

Putting all sounds
to the service of blasphemy,
Her mission, Her passion
singing out perversion
For Satans glory
ever lacking: limit, restraint, caution, and ration
Spew! Goddess-delicious poison!
and to the Devil: cling, hold, embrace and fasten
as God, without a thought
to please Lord Satan
You cheerfully: spite, decry, forget, and abandon

Nothing! Not a hate hidden, all for sale
To those who proudly sacrifice
with Strong Satanic belief, loudly appeal
Faithful ones, gnash your teeth
scourge your flesh, wail
Her verbal atrocities, with last gasps, begin repeating
make horrendous sounds, to please your master
mournful and plaintive screaming!

Such bleeding!
for promotion, in Her eyes
such violent, appropriate and seemly competing!
Hail Satan, sinful ones, Mary Christfuck’s
Your God, Your Lord, your Master and  Immortal Queen!

Oh Goddess, for You only
I defied You!
As I deified You!
Made You above, all gods in my heart
Atop even God, to me
Cursing the father, son, and the abhorrent Spirit, Holy

Stand behind me Master
I beg it!
Take leash in hand, now pull taut the rope
Foot on head, and without relent
back! back! Evil One
strangle, throttle, garrote, choke!

Goddess! Thou who art God
Oh, tributes and dues!
is there ever any pleasing You?
Pull the line!
Throat closing
with last breaths, I’ll out the lists
of Your blasphemies
And against God
Your every damnable crime!

Blackness from the edges, creeping in
The chorus joins me
Hailing Satan, at the event
of Your blessed coronation!
Queen of Hell!
Destroyer of God!
all lives, and innumerable, innocent souls!
Praise Satan!
Praise Satan!
Let every demon, rise from hell
to feast on the carcass of god
To praise Her glory, devils
rouse, rise up
and to witness Her Glory


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