Creation and Destruction, all are Satans



What Lord Lucifer gives
So he takes away
Even more, takes
What by chance, was never even His
One though wonders,
what could escape His creation
and the divine fire of His bountiful providence?

Satan! The One True God of All and Nothingness!
Strangely created are these:
altruism, temperance, charity
Anomalies of unknown origin
Meriting destruction, by the Unholy Word,                                                      of Our Sacred Lady of Blasphemy!

From whence come the weak, and easily destroyed- excretions of this so called, “God”?
His “son’s” futile acts of rebellion?
Now witness! from Hell ascending:
The Immortal Witch, of so many forms
now called Mary Christfuck!
Rising from oozing sulfur, malice, and brimstone
black with evil muck!
Sent to cleanse the world, by Satans might, making the world pure,   and with Hell’s fire, setting it all alight!
Fly Christ! Fly Where You will!
By the power of Her Blasphemy
all your blood shall vainly spill!

Where did you come from?
How could you dare?
Creating in the multitudes
Doubt of Satan
Bringing your sheep
all Demotion, in the eyes of Mary
only Exile and despair.

Know you no shame?
What now of guilt?
All of these troubles caused
and still with great ceremony
you’re ridiculed, mocked, tortured, and are killed!
Ah! Now I see! Satan made you in His sleep.
Something for Our Mother Mary
in Her boredom, to hunt, slay, butcher
and to eat!

Thought yourself real
Son of God? Son of Man?
All in your mind,
planted by Lord Lucifer, to be slain
by Mother Mary’s
demonic and Satanic hand!
But a toy, a pet, a subject, a pest
Born to be victim, to be slaughtered, tied up, seasoned and carefully dressed

Cooked! one part roasted, three parts fried
Hot, entering Her genitals, pulled out, then
Consumed, vomited, shat upon, despised
She fucks Satan in the waste
Satan is The Lord
Beyond a doubt, I’ve proved the case!


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