The pain is glorious! Unsustainable!


This curs’ed plot
this realm, and conflagration
willingly entered, in due time
the height of Satan’s season!
Nor is This sinner proud
of his defiance
the impotence of his treason
he runs not, from the summary justice
of the Goddess’s avenging legions!

Proud only of doing
what had to be done
and seeing that
(regardless of obedience)
From Goddess Christfuck
only comes:
pain, torture, agony
and the honor of Splendid Isolation

Sad, Son of Man, in a large world
She rules, every essence
permeates, infects
wars on his father, god
reaps, burns, and without pity, slashes
destroys the perfection of “His” gardens
every heavenly defense, smashes
and gloats, the Queen of Hell
in his useless blood, She’s covered and soaked

Her Orb, Her head, raised high above
christ, the pretender, worthless
broken, her feet he kisses, he moans:
“Sister Christfuck in Hell descendant
forever rule, all there is
and with Satan takes Your throne!”


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