End of the year comments


Going over the Goddess’s clips4sale pages.

A brief analysis.

2015- 8 clips

2014- 11 clips

2013- 13 clips

2012- 17 clips

We see declining productivity through the years with more or less stability in terms of quality. These clips of course don;t account for the unseen, the private clips that YOU BASTARDS are getting and keeping for yourselves! You know who the fuck you are!

This past year saw the creation in March of a new incarnation, the one She went to with such tremendous effect in clips such as “Unleash your inner demons” and “Bible Stomping ritual”. The year started off strongly and finished with a thud, the last 4 clips being sub par to say the least.

The best 2015 clip from clips 4 sale was probably Bible stomping ritual, followed by Naughty Catholic School Girl, with “unleash” coming in a close third. The rest was garbage. We’ll see if She comes back to clips4sale. Its possible that with all of the new traffic She’s probably been getting, that She might just stick to making you losers private clips, while I sit around holding my dick. Such is the life of a slave.



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