Gone! Why ask the whereabouts
of our Beloved Whore?
Her comings and goings?
Where else could She be
but gone about Heaven
Blaspheming,Lying, and most of all, whoring?

Praise Satan! The longer she’s gone
Growing the more so
base, corrupt, malevolent and wrong
The more The Devil plays
The more acts evil
foul, damned, and grave
Pray to Satan!That You’ll live to see Her Day
Heaven falling, from the sky
Burning! Passing Satan
Lord! High and on the rise!

The more the shame and guilt
Her heavenly patrons feel
sadness at their fallen fate
The more for Her, Satans Master
they beg, pine, and
From self torture ache!
Do You have reason
to hate The Bitch?
Then so much more
to love The Witch!
To love Her
Hatred is a condition both
necessary and metaphysically sufficient

Share your reason
And lay it bare
who without righteous hate
claiming they love Her
Would in delusion dare
Pray to the Goddess
who knows them not?
She Levels their empty souls
And then with caprice, the deceived liars, are completely forgot!

This was never to be MY role
A far more permanent place
my objective and goal
Leaving to Satan
the ways and the means
I grant him through Her
Unfettered access to come and go
The devil Himself, he visits my dreams!
A welcomed friend
given harbor and haven
Polluting a soul through His will
made ever more conniving
Ignoble and craven
Come! Come, oh Satan
give me the strength
against evil, even
to plot, wreck, and above all, to sin
and grant me from My Mary
in Hell, as Her first  slave
Everlasting glory, ETERNAL
work, praise, and recognition!


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