Would you be fucked by Her?


Satans largest portion
Master, of course is Yours
Satan, lord of all and Mother Mary
Live forever in Hell, in glory, reign victorious!
The old god, at last displaced
The new God enthroned
with the seeming of Your face!

The new God, closely watches You
And only does as You would do!
Despair not, these facts, by the blind, unrecognized
In denying Your supremacy
the world,deceived, to itself only
And Lord Satan, loving You
has put in motion
their painful,humiliating
and ironic demise!

Lord Lucifer, so wise!
Each driven by Him,
mad to suicide!
The world, so damned
dies by its own hand
As all the stars, the world behind
In Satanic symbols, are aligned:
To the east, stars form 666
As to the west, a pentagram
with the Horns of Almighty Baphomet!
To the South, The Great Serpent opens his mouth
And to the North
The image of Christ, murdered
His neck opened
by Mary; sawed, slashed, and sliced!
Red stars from the wound cluster,
pouring forth, over earth
Flowing the way to Hell
and showing to all, the bloody course!

Surely, Your day shall come
Merged with Satan
to hails and hallelujahs!
all of Hell in unison, all worship You!
Hails to You, win the day
With not the slightest opposition!
Lord of all and satanic matron!
Hail Goddess Chrsitfuck!
Risen above all, in time
Upon the seven headed dragon, with Satan
dragging the corpse of Christ
mighty Masters flying!


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