Of Satan, my Master is:
Blackest, Darkest evil, perpetual blossoming
Christ killing plots, imagined and rising
bursting out, burgeoning, Tall,
Always, over-grown
and low She crawls
creeping, invasive and sprouting!
Every evil spirit with ease
She spasms, channeling
when a Garden Dragon
mounts Her rear
Our Fiend, Our God, Our Goddess, Our Eve!
In Sister Christfuck, and Satan alone, BELIEVE!

In Hell, my liege
nude, when masturbating
by example, commanding, She!
and possessing
Within, Demons in Her womb, conceived!
None slighting, while hiding, some
in changing times, revealing
all, come to burn in turn
from lesser and mundane
to the grand, mighty and of Satans hierarchy, the most supreme!

All of Hell’s children
told Her stories, at the teat
know Her as:
Lucifer’s Sublime Muse
Lord Confessor, Dominatrix and beloved mate

So to a slave, Master; order, pray:
“do” not “don’t do”!
And reply to Yourself when asking
” am I really that beautiful?”
say: “Yes”
“Am I really that evil?” Say: “Yes”
“Is there really good reason
for their confusion and madness
especially THAT slave’s?”
As You reflect, again conclude, “Yes”
“Is the spirit of She who first fucked Satan
really within my breast?”
Always when asking, if You are
Between Satan and man, the critical linkage,
always positive, respond in the affirmative!
Devil! Dont resist
Hell, Your inheritance
as Satan your heritage, birthright
and ancestral lineage!


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