Her favorite sex toy

ScreenHunter_72 Dec. 03 09.51

Hells gates, to Your watery course
by Satan, With my venomous tongue,
I’ll loosen
and with gasping desperation- force!
Flickering blasphemies
between the bars
Sucking at Hells fumes
Your delicious and soured humours!
Swallowing the noxious moistures and toxic vapors
And rejecting back into Hell
Across the miles
The poison now mixed
With multi-colored bile!

Onto the bars
come see the slime drip
And how the regurgitate
from the altar of Your cunt
(Hells Gate)
for Your pleasure, is hungrily licked

Come lady!
All Hell marvels at the show!
Come see Your supplicant
for Your amusement
Self immolate,self abuse
and at Your feet, grovel!

Mary! I’ll do anything
just please, not nothing!
For wasn’t it said,Great God
(for though You reject me, are You still not God?)
That idle hands are the Devils Workshop?
Let this silence then, STOP!
Work to be done
while the guillotines blade
from its peak, drops
yet before the head
For Satans cause, and for my crimes
is swiftly, and cleanly chopped.

Pick it up!
through the neck
like a glove, shove
Middle fingers- out the eyes
And through the mouth
Your thumb
Nose into Your cunt rub
But only when the moon is full
running floods of black and red Satanic blood!


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