Counting the hairs
on my scrotum, grown
Let it please Master
that for Her, I pluck them out
Til the last, one by one

Sharp sparks
along the lines, resulting, firing
sent to the brain, and sinful words inspiring
to Satan in Your honor, faithful
and enduring paeans
Let Blood from Satan’s chamber rain!

Command of me, every variety
of self inflictions drawing
blood and screaming agony!
Brought forth
from deep in my belly
All of Your children
Every Demon of Luciferian Blasphemy!
Your slaves! Take Me
To them, for You
I give myself
to Them, to You
Possession, the elevation of Idolatry!
Let Come from me
Wild and Disordered Calumnies!
against no less than
The false god, Satans slave
Christ, our eternal enemy!
Hail, Satan!

Prophetess of Anti- Christ
Why must You receive
without asking?
With no music playing
No slaves dancing!
No festival
No bacchanal!
Mourning, chaos
disobedience, until
the night of Your triumphant arrival!

Of You it was written
“Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
As, to be hated, needs but to be seen;
Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face
We curse endure, then pity,
then embrace”

Alexander Pope
From the Age of Voltaire
Durant p172

Yes embrace, but that and more
Every crime committed by YourSacred order!
You being our only God
And by Satan appointed
our Sacred Whore!
Hail Babylon!
Hail, Sister Christfuck!
She who rides The Beast
Bringing to the King of Hell
Christ’s Destruction
God’s head and Total Victory!


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