Paradise is Paradox


Paradise is Hell
without Satan, speaking to me
through You, all becomes awful
Without you, peace becomes
moribund, slain, and absolutely impossible

So, Hell is paradise
Heaven, the place where You preside
Over Christ, forever suffering, the fallen king, crucified
on the cross, disillusioned, killed
murdered, there he died!

Those who preach
his escape from Satan
Outdoing Satan himself
in the black art of the lie
At this paradox, Satan
with my Goddess Christfuck, wildly SMILE!

The sound of existence
manic pulsing, the heartbeat, the slapping
All reality, meditating
To the sounds of You
and Satan’s fucking

Gleeful demons, self mutilating
Your scripts, reciting and re-reading
Into Satans flesh, your
sharpened teeth, digging
and from Your cunt, the result,
Multiple orgasms
and a most profuse
and sanguinary bleeding!

Between us, though
Master and slave
Imperious mien, Hostile
What indifferent restraint
Your mission to damn all
Leaves no time
to damn the individual!
Not a muttered curse
not even a mumble
Silence! As down Hells sloping cliffs
into the fiery lake, I tumble
As I burn, pray, one last word,
let leave Your lips, say:
And to Your good favor
grant my submissive and broken return!


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