The Ultimate Price


What must we pay
for You to do Your duty?
In general, destruction, universal
but more importantly, specifically, for me?
What price to pay
To be impaled, flayed
on Your mantel and hearth, in pieces
stuffed, mounted, proudly displayed
given all honor, and deserving pride of place?

Impalement, yesss, into the ass
A branch carved phallus
head like Satan’s fist, and bulbous
strapped on, hammered
mouth foaming
Split in two by Goddess Christfuck
ravaged, raped, hemorrhaging
and damned!

On all fours, screaming
I see You behind, in a mirror
eyes pitiless, with Satans spirit
gleaming pure, evil, and oh so clear!
twelve inches in
the sawing rhythm
with force begins:
12, 24, 36
6 by 2, 6 by 4, and quickly, 6 by 6
body in extremis
but still not dead
Seeing Visions of Satan
in the guise of the vampire, history knows simply as Vlad!!
Whose tortures were perfected
agonies lingered, and made to last
But even he could not
replicate this feat
as You draw in and out
always to the wall, balls deep
Hear me scream:
“Fuck Me, Goddess Nikki, Fuck Me!”


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