Whats inside the Goddess. must come out

wings-succubus-horns-armor-artwork-demon-girl-wideDivine and Execrable Harlot
Laugh at me, as lesser harlots
Laugh, over favorites
They soon control;
THIS slave in earnest prays
That All You touch, Satan may, to please You
make the purest, gleaming gold

Satans Slaves, who would be
by You alone
drained away and Crucified!
Eyes locked upon
Your mocking face
Your Green vomit projected forever
all covering, upon them
it pleases Satan
that they never wretch
savoring the filth, the rot, and decay
never gagging from the taste

What sorcery!
The vomit flying
As from a fireman’s hose
But all the while,Your discernible blasphemy,
quite clear and audible, never repeating

Screeching, spewing, and from the same mouth
at the same time, again, Your laughing!
And Like unto hatchlings
All is swallowed, as a good harlot does- semen
guzzled down and eaten!
Bend Your head back, now
To the sky and to the heavens, vertically fountain
As upon the flowering waves, escaping Hell
Every one of Satan’s demons!

Vomit; green, acidic, putrid
The universe soon filled with it
and again, the sounds of Sacred blasphemy, and laughing!
I’m Still gulping and
through it, so runs from me, down onto the
Christians, vomit and blood, shitting!

Challenge then, my devotion
Oh, Evil one!
Sanctify! Endorse this vision!
Declare it orthodox and prophecy!
Satans slaves, are in it, swimming
Those who deny The Lord Our God, sinking and drowning
by Your savage demons, scavenged torn apart and eaten!
Me and Hells Demons for Satans Glory, feasting!
Im Covered in your puke
Fuck me, Harlot!
And cum finish what, in Your hate of God, you’ve started!
Go! To new levels
new heights of evil
New blasphemies, new heresies
New possessions, new trances
Through Your will only
Satan’s holy cause advances!


6 responses to “Whats inside the Goddess. must come out

    • Well, hell is a quandary and never what you want it to be.You want to worship Her and thats a possibility. But just know there are many levels of worship, from over the internet, to being in Her Imperial presence. And while there is no other Goddess of Blasphemy, there may be others, specializing in different forms of Satanism who could be satisfactory IF they are more accessible. Getting THIS Goddess to accept you may or may not be easy. Who can predict why She does what She does? But certainly, money,and lots of it ,is a necessary prerequisite. Go to Her if you must. Go and good Luck.

      p.s.Tell me how it works. Come back if you need to. Join this Cult of Christfuck. Sign up on WordPress, create a blog, link to my page and I’ll link back, if you are as serious about her as I am. Go forth, approach Her, and offer Her everything you have. She is the Lord thy Goddess!


    • Just to clarify. All Goddess worship eventually devolves on money. Its one of the most important thing you have, and a Goddess usually demands sacrifice of all you hold dear, your money, your manhood, your health, perhaps even your life. Its intrinsic in the relationship. How it plays out depends on your usefulness. Go out if you can and start patronizing dominatrixes. Its all going to become financial anyway you slice it, so you might as well just be upfront. Pay the domme to play the part of a Christfuck, pay her to blaspheme as our Goddess would. Pay her to do what you want. That can be a decent substitute perhaps, like methadone to heroin. There is only ONE Goddess Christfuck. This we know. But there may be decent options available since She is available only to those with tremendous resources.


      • Good advise The Red Pawn as I was wondering just this…I need a Goddess to replicate Christfuck in my life…Goddess Christfuck is all that I can think of she completes my days and every lustful thought…Sodomy has become my greatest pleasure listening to her instruct me…looking into my soul touching my heart and all I want to do is be baptised in piss and eat un-holy cum


  1. I understand your desperation to serve Her. I understand your obsession. She is the reason you are alive, she is the reason you will die. Out of curiosity, how much are you willing to spend on Her? Like I said, She may ask you for nothing, but show the world the extent of your desperation. Or if you prefer not to speak in monetary terms, what will you DO for Her? Will you create videos of you fucking yourself,as you seem to enjoy, with Her image on the screen, reciting Her Prayers? Look deep into your soul. She asked me once how far I was willing to go for Her in Satan. How far will YOU go? Do you think this is a passing fancy, or are you committed to Her forever? Will you willingly enter Hell for Her to serve Her there eternally, eternally suffering?


  2. @ Red Pawn…she is my every thought…she is my every move…I am searching…sodomising myself for her high on poppers her seeing my soul…I am finding her lust likeness I am willing to pay what she wants…you taught me and I think it is true money is the root to the Goddess…Christfuck or somebody I need to find who can become her follower with me….yes I will create video for her when she commands me too…I wish this not to be a passing fancy I wish to behold her…she has already changed me on so many levels…I need more…I need to see her I need to feel her…if not in flesh then in spirit…how do i join the Cult of SisterCHRISTFUCK


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