Cheap bastards!lol


lmao. Some cheap bastard copied the files from my document dump and posted them, which irks me only a very little. he’s actually doing what Satan compels him to do,and I do understand. Whats laughable and contemptible, is the way he and others claim their allegiance and loyalty and subservience and obsession, but haven’t bought and shared even one fucking clip! They’re literally all mine! Not only that, they have the nerve to not join my Cult of Christfuck? What do they do for Her? How do they benefit the movement? With their insipid little one liners pledging their loyalty and worship? What have they created? What have they destroyed? At least the one guy reposted. The others should be burned alive. I would destroy them with my pen, but I tried to log on a few times with the wrong password and have been locked out and can’t get back in. These fools need discipline, but whatever. They’re all my pawns. I own them in Masters name.


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