Cast out of Hell



Did you demur, fearing
Offerings of blood
that against all odds
turned Your stomach
in shame of the excess
Pride in me, turned disgust?

Blood my own, was always Yours
Staining pages, of “gods”
bastard, lying
And easily discredited word?
Blotting verses with
my cuts, drained, rubbed
and poured?
Did You call insane
the fanaticism of the Red
soon mixed with the white of my jizzum?

View-screens around this performing
This spectacle flashing, Satans image, being
The perfection of Your unholy face?
Pulsing blasphemy
providing the hypnotizing commands
music evocative of Hells deepest level
and most Satanic soundscape?

I Open every chakra to Satan
Every portal to the Devil
Pentagrams, drawn with shit
Piss, the unholy water of baptism
My Head submerged, dipped
Chalice emptied
and the bottom, finger licked!

To Your credit, these perverted scenes
and every conceived-for-Satan
demonic extreme!
Embellish upon them, as Satan
Would wish, ad lib!
No limit!
No limit!
This slave, in Your name prefers
without You not to exist!
Let him live; a zombie
Your most cherished worm
most beloved personal puppet!
Responding only, to Your commands
Your torture’s Stimulus!
I’ve erred!
But only from the lack
of Your Teaching, Your mind’s concealed
and deepest Terror!
Let Go!
Give in!
Preach Satans Glory
following Satans mind to its illogical end
Master! Preach, the most unspeakable sin!
Master! Accept the efficacy of my plans and my stratagem!
In Mary’s name
I invite Hell’s possession!
Just let Her accept me
Forgiving my transgression!


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