Satan! Forget not Satan!


To the Goddess of Blasphemy, perhaps,
Cruel silence is but a sadistic way
In my case, for Her to relax!
Let She who is God
by all means, Rest!
Relax then, right or wrong,
Without regard
And all at my expense!

Free and guiltless, ride!
TO HELL, Most Unholy witch!
The Promised One, by Satan Sent
Nikki Christfuck, the Lord, God,
The Beast, Her Majesty, Satan,
the Devil, 666!

Stacked like wood
Thrown, tossed
on Her pile of victims, hapless
goes each below
To Hell at once
in Her arms and
suddenly dropped
row upon row
inexhaustible, and descending
Murdered,HUMAN SOULS,Into the furnace
Demons! what screaming!
Implores from the top
“Our master Is relaxing!
Sister Mary! Our Lady! Our God!”

Respectful, some lips sealed
grind their teeth
While others less tolerant
Of Hell’s scorching heat
continue to wail
Submissive, true, but Disobediently
These few strains She tolerates
Lets vibrate, bounce, and resonate
Resigning, Says to Herself
“it’s all for Satans sake”

Ever Christian soul
Soon by Satan, to be consumed
Into the fire
The daughter- bride, flies straight down
Back to Hell, to find Her groom!


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