Come, Join this Cult of Christfuck

Satanic Mojo flyer 4

A letter to The Prophetess:

Both Before my defiance and after
there was no way I could touch You,
or Your fickle heart, that beats for men,sporadically, randomly,
and is only calm and steady, for the One True God:our Lord our Master, Lucifer! Satan!
For us, You and I, Hopeless
from the birth of stars
and the firmament they’re drawn upon
dis-harmonies remaining unfixed, ETERNALLY
through every known turn, matrix, and combination!
Vile, Whore!!! Here then!
as Voltaire spoke of the ideal God, he knew could not exist
let me speak then of You, the Real God, ideal, here, present
and against all odds, Satan be my witness,true:

“…. And if (S)he bases H(er) doctrine on an illusion, it is still a blessing to be deceived with h(er)”

The Age of Voltaire p.39

Have I not always said the same?
Abused, deceived,
rejected, Bless-ed?
Beyond understanding are Your ways
and by Satan, Your methods!
Though incarcerated in Hell
and given life sentence- though no punishment, equals injustice
I submit! I submit!!!
to more of it,  though the time be forever, and the amount be infinite
To whatever pains You, my God, might in fury and fire
upon me demand, and wish…
…Dear Daughter of Satan, Have You seen Paris?
Have You seen the coming Apocalypse?
Let me stand with You
And fight for whatever You,
The Lord Satan’s Regent on Earth, desireth!


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