What is the suffering of one soul to God Christfuck?


I beleive what She believes
even if She doesn’t beleive
what She says
is to believers, most sufficient

twisted, twisted, twisted
what She represents
regardless of existence
and non existence

Satans pole star- magnet
holds us, drawing in, rotating
hypnotizing with its spinning
growing- Her-adherents
building mass
Behind Her, teeth grinding, there Satan stands
and Her ass attacks!
We, falling, see just Her face, at the center
and over each other, we clamber
faster! faster! we swim
as Satan Himself sets the pace
with his rape, sodomy, blissful pounding and fucking!

From Master’s maw, inexhaustible blasphemy, spilling
entrancing, drawing
and against its current
we seek the source of the sound
found! gladly Into Her belly
the lake of fire, soon burned and drowned!
Hail Satan!
Upon Mary’s head forever
sits The Devils Diadem!


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