Mary Take Me!

Nothing is our relationship, thou better half of Satan
To me a nothing, that is all
Everything, infinite, complete and comprehensive

In darkness against confinement
with my nails, I claw, yea, even til their gone
fingertips bleeding; edges useless and all but vanished
And then my lips, stretched
against this dungeons wall
like my companion rats, i see fit with my teeth,
to scratch, engrave, carve and gnaw
words describing my revels in misery
My misery become in form like unto a totem
blazing in this darkest Hell
Certain in ages hence for demons to become
A holy place for them and ever Satanic pilgrim!
An idol, made of words into
Submissive shapes
The poses I take, exposed
Waiting for your
Blessed Crimes against me: mutilation, torture, rape
assault and ever kind of battery
Ass agape, made of words
Legs full spread
with balls hanging
Do You find them tempting?
These pictures
Balls there swinging
For burning, crushing,
My legs spread, palms on the ground
head Inverted and upside down
Eyes drawn, manic, imploring
as if to say: “in Satans name, Do it!
Master! To your mind what Satan sends
Come do Your duty and to my needs come recklessly attend!

Master, other pictures around this dungeon
with words, I’ve also drawn
themed similarly
Begging as always,for a more… tangible agony
than the one of the mind, You’ve seen fit
through sloth and whatever else, so hurtfully to give me
Especially that one
Master, Find it worthy!
I’ll describe it not
Since Our Lord Lucifer sent it to me
Stolen from Your most lascivious and unreserv-ed dreams.


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