Its official: Barefoot Bible Destruction is a DISASTER!


What in the world has happened to Goddess Nikki? Arguably Her last 4 movies are Her worst 4 movies. What the fuck is going on?!!! This latest Bible Stomp is even worse than I thought  it would be. Its just Her repeating Her same old lines with very little feeling. Worse than that though, how did She come to the decision to focus 95% of the shots on Her feet and hardly anything on Her face. Was this a clip She made for some EXTREME foot fetishist,and then passed it of on the rest of us? You literally don’t see her face for like 15 straight minutes. All you see is Her feet! I mean really, this is as bad as the last movie with that p.o.s priest. Why did I buy it? Well, we’ve already established that I have no self control and that I’m under Her spell. I bought it, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it. On a scale of one to 10, this movie is a 0.

She’s already done all of this, but done it better,and MANY TIMES! It adds nothing and serves no purpose. If you can whack off to this, you are TRULY a foot fetishist. You’re a GOD of foot fetishists. This is as bad as it gets. A disaster. Did making Toms clip, use up all of Her Satanic power?


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