If I could impmress Her, She would already be impressed.


My Master Christfuck!
Great Satan’s, Lord Dissembler!
Their own names
Her Demon Possessed
victims- confused
can not now, for their lives remember!
And how lost are those
who DON’T know Her
or, See in Her, The anti Christ
The Un-Sacred Flesh
Of The Beast
The Christ and God Destroyer?

Evils source, directing
Hell’s army, attacking Christ,  destined success
Arrayed in force investing!

Pray to Satans Greatest tool
Through Her alone, all Hell moves!
The Satanic Spirit, out to all, She doles
Damning blasphemy! cross the world: shits,vomits, pisses, blows!
And Who born of Satan or God, has ever said
what my Master, She has spoke?
By Her ringing curse,The Beast, once sleep
now in fury, at last, 666, awake, awoke!
Come Devils cock, before me pump, rise, and grow!
Whatever size, Master says: “its beneath you to say, “no!”
On my back, my limbs are stretched
My ass is opened, rape it begs, invites, and for my Master, madly for Satan, accepts.

“RIP me apart, for the pleasure of Mistress, make it fit!
Ravish! Puncture! Tear! Split!
Oh, Satan! I just can’t help it!”
Master jacks the barb-ed stick
And through my shit
Christ Hate Plummets!

“Aieeee! Aieee!”
I scream in pain!
“Aieee! Aieee!
And Bloody Hell”
My Master screaming with me
Her cunt She fists to the wrist, gone insane with demonic with glee!
BEAST! My shoulders, grabs, hips thrust, shoves, Pulls himself to the balls,
I say “Deeper, for Master, You must!”
shaft buried to the root, and deep
Vibrates my twitching body! Spasms, seizes, and blurs from the uncontrolled speed! Burning, Burning from the fiery seed! Bleeding and burning for Master, internally! Oh Satan! PLEASE!

Pumping pumping
Demands that Master accompany
With Her specialty
Arias and a blaring symphony of babbling, and incoherent blasphemy!


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