Bear Witness that She is The Chosen One


Everywhere I see
how Master Lucifer uses You!
What good our cursing
unless we’re rejected, by the pig god Christ, personally?
You break our faith in the Devil, keeping Him for Yourself
sending us embittered, prodigals
back to “god”
crawling for forgiveness
and there, next to God, Satan standing
bearing witness that- YES!, We cursed the Holy Spirit, and that therefore our souls are His!

No! I won’t go!
I won’t leave You, I won’t go back! You’re all of Satan that I’ve got
even though, covered
in Your sweet delicious shit
You recognize me not!

Pass through the crowds
thou anti- Christ!
Our hands extend to be claimed!
Too hot with evil, to the touch
Incarnate of Hells brightest, and most painful flame!

Between You and them
by Satan placed, I scream:
“for the Queen of Hell, stand down! make way!
Bow your heads and and give ear, to whatever blasphemies Our Lord might say!

Countless souls, quiet
Heads down, rub themselves against the ground
The blessed, She walks upon
Her feet searing upon them
The Sign of the Beast
Then speaks:
“Rise up! And on yourselves turn!
Make for Satan, this Holy Day
A great and wondrous feast
Murder! Rape! And for His glory,
freely self-abase!
Contort and piss onto your face
Into your skin, sharp stones tear in!
666! The Mark of Satan!
Suck at the wounds
The Hour of Satan is 360 from noon!
He, the True God comes
bringing Christ; terror, pain, and grisly doom!

Inspire Your Master!
And upon yourselves, make every form of death and disaster!
Flip yourself in these piles of My shit!
And fuck yourselves til exhausted, and blind all within it!
To each other give pain and torment
And with blasphemy, I your God, shall provide the soundtrack!
Prove that I am Lord
Degrade yourselves
More! more! For Me and Satan, EVERMORE!!!!
The melee begins, the crowd in unison
“To Nikki, Great Babylon’s Whore!”


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