Nothing for Her followers on Halloween?

Once again Goddess misses a perfect opportunity to release something real. Wouldn’t a Halloween video showing us Her most intimate prayers to Satan have been a great gift to the world? Her mismanagement, probably by that asswipe priest in that horrible clip She released this month is probably responsible. He should be cast out! We can’t even get a Halloween ritual? And why can’t she take some cameras out to a remote location, and pray to Satan in the open air?

I just saw a clip by a goddess named meana wolf at, an excellent forced bi clip.Unfortunately, shes not an open Satanist, but just looking at her website. you can see how OUR Goddess has stagnated. Its really quite sad. The problem is mostly in consistency. She makes the Tom clip, which was off the books, and then follows it with three of the worst clips She’s ever made. She has an army of followers but instead of using them( tech support, ideas, etc) AND fucking with their minds, She just fucks with their minds. Her ways are mysterious indeed.


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