contrition, absolution

Contrition, absolution
Burning, longing
For use, if not, for forgiving
Here Presenting, my hands, and feet even
That you may practice
The Unholy art of crucifixion
What Satan says, aside from blasphemy
is Your hobby, passion
and favorite form of relaxation

Pierced, pinned, and screaming
On the ground, stand over me, looming
my face, angrily straddling
Pour forth vengeful rain then,
upon me, dancing
Standing and stamping
Through Satans City, ribs heard cracking
Into the wounds, Your feet
shit  deep smearing
Cunt over lips, grinding
And best of all, the sounds from Your mouth, Satan hailing!

Cock tugging
Knives plunging
Smiling at the blood, vomiting
Demons raise the cross
At Your commanding
Roaches climbing
Gore eating
This practice for Christ
Our Lord Satan finds
right and most pleasing

Lucifer’s Erection, rising
Your cunt too wet!
He’s cumming!
All of this within my seeing
You’ve cum!
I give up the ghost
My life purpose filled, having
no more meaning!
Lord of Lord
Queen of Queens
Only through You, and the Spirit of Satan, am I redeemed!


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