My Response to Goddess and that HORRIBLE male prop from Her last clip

Tura Satana.2

The grunting fool
just munched Your cunt! Ha!
In Satans army, he’s just a runt
Half measures!
hardly damned, and weakly tortured.
If I had been there- camera!
Witness the true meaning of despair!
Flailing, psychotic, and demon possessed terror
flinching wild eyed, and skittish
demons circling, invisible
like bats attacking
as Cris and Cozy said,
from only “Hell knows where”

Ha! From HELL, maggot fool!
Why didnt you rip off your robes
and let them enter you?!
why not? For had your pride not already been humbled, recorded,
and by the Goddess in one payment bought?
digitized, and forever caught?
offered to the world in perpetuity?
Coward! Dunce! What a wasted opportunity!

See MY fits, worse than epileptic!
Self abuse, my tongue, a serpents flicks
rantings never heard, such begging!
By Her, to be used
Christfuck is the Goddess, God,
and the Revelation of Lord Satans Great Good News!

Confused! fingers inserting
And Shit stained licking
“Harder!” Not grunting, and mumbling
but Christ killing, teeth gnashing, and Growling!
A begging demand:
“Give Free rein to
The hatred in Your hand
and the crop it wields against me
all saints, and most of all, the Bastard Son of Man!!!

“More, more, more,TORTURE!”
Straight to the lens:
“My soul to Goddess Christfuck  my God, my Savior
Lord Lucifer’s whore, Wife, and ass fucking daughter!!!”
Crop cracking, hacking,
A fearful blur, brute force whacking!
“Cry,slave! Rejoice!
your soul is mine and you have no choice”

In Yogic postures
downward dog, the blows I take
Un-moving mantras
as Goddess commands:”to Satan pray!”
Forward fold, my back
Bearing happily, Her bloody and flesh slashing attack
Her foot to the ankle, plunders my ass!
buried then, quickly to the calve
at this perfect spectacle
Satan smiles, while Goddess laughs

The Mark of the Beast is on Her feet
and She alternates each one of them, deep inside of me.
I scream, “to the knee, to the knee!!!”
Generously, My master aims only to please
I gag myself with Her crucifix
and vomit on it in the name of
Hell’s Great Satanatrix!


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