Goddess has just released ANOTHER horrible video, as if the last one wasn’t bad enough! Who is running this operation? Well, I think this video answers that question quite nicely. First of all its called, “Demon Goddess whips chained priest and forces him to renounce god, etc etc.” I once swore, having seen a few of Her earlier clips with male prop co-stars, that I would never pay for one, because they all sucked really, really, badly; but I bought this one because it stars the Goddess in the incarnation from the recent Revelations and Bible stomp clips, which I think is one of her best incarnations, so I gave I took a leap of faith and gave it a chance.

Unfortunately, She destroys the “character” by allowing the male prop to grunt his way throughout, playing, very poorly, the false and played out part of a Catholic Priest. This witch should have remained pure and above such fictitious and overplayed devices, especialy considering how horrible her co-star is. Someone just asked me if She really believes in Satan or is just acting. By introducing this fake priest into the act, I am now forced to beleive She’s either a fraud or sorely misguided. This movie is SO BAD, because of him, that it truly defies critique. Its out there, go find it and see for yourself. Wow1 A total DISASTER!!!!


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