Satanic revelation!


Satan has revealed me a new image:

Goddess, wearing a strap on, the strap on, wrapped in thorns

Yes, even the same thorns that Christ wore

when nailed that great day to the cross.

How did She acquire them, how did She acquire IT, the crown

Now wrapped around Her cock?

Lovingly, each thorn She’s shorn, but only somewhat, all filed to a sharper point.

YES! Yes! You see Her intent!

Surely, to rape the world, and every child of god within it!

And lastly Its only Hope, from god and Heaven sent

Yes, Him! his saints and prophets, in succession, each by order of incarnation!

Residing in Hell, all of them, by the Judgement of Her Lord and Master

the True God! Lucifer! Lord! My God! Satan!

Last in line following Christ, somehow I’ve unnoticed snuck behind.

Face on the ground, opening my ass for Her cock sublime

She sees the ruse and approves!

Rape! In and out and twists me around

satans cock grows from the ground

from the base, with my hands I pump,and squeeze

suck the head, my Lady to please

Her thorns go- deep! deep! deep!

she screams “bleed, bleed, bleed!”

Hearing Her filth, Satan cums

gobbling, I chug, and swallow His acidic seed!


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